Memorial Grid's patented grid foundation is inspired by one of nature's most invaluable species - the honeybee. The incredibly strong, closed cell structure makes Memorial Grid the lightest, strongest, and most flexible landscape foundation system on the market. Memorial Grid cells disperse the weight of the infilled gravel, prevent compaction, and ensure a stable, safe, and environmentally-friendly solution for headstone and marker re-stabilization. 

Take your old, tired, sinking headstones and markers and bring them to life again! Using Memorial Grid, you can create a stable surface for any memorial structure, at a fraction of the cost of installing a concrete base. 




Infill base material

Place Memorial Grid

Infill w/ clean gravel 

Reinstall headstone/marker

That's it. Quick, easy, and affordable. 

Offered in 3 prepackaged packs for ease of ordering. 


Memorial Grid™


Sample-Pack (4 pcs) — $75.00*

  — from 2 - 4 monuments   

Medium-Pack (20 pcs) — $295.00*

 — from 10 - 20 monuments 

Large-Pack(96 pcs) — $1320.00*

 — from 48 - 96 monuments 

* All prices in CAD 

For larger orders, please call us for pricing at 1.855.593.1039 


  • An environmentally friendly & cost effective alternative to concrete
  • Each grid has interlocking mechanism on all four sides, which allows adjacent panels to be connected in all directions
  • 50/50 Blend of recycled and virgin plastic: meaning eco-friendly but also more sturdy, flexible and longer lasting. Best of both worlds!
  • Bonus! Each grid comes with a geo-textile fabric heat welded to the underside of the grid. This means lower maintenance costs & better weight distribution.


Quick Setup

Simply remove structure and dig a hold slightly larger than grid section


Fill base and grid

Create a level, structural base, lay grid, and infill with gravel or sand 


Reinstall your memorial structure

Your structure is now level and stable!


Memorial Grid - Brochure (pdf)